Five Star Friday: Edition #32

Five Star Friday's finally arrived. It's better late than never!

Below are 21 weblog posts from writers whose fans liked them so much that they thought these posts must be shared. So read, love, and leave a frenzy of comments in your wake.

"It’s True. You Can’t Put a Price on Stupidity" from Attack of the Redneck Mommy

"A Song of Love" from VanderMeander

"It Will Be a Long Road With Her" from Oh, The Joys

"My Job, My Ass, And Mysterious Nylon-Eating Ebola" from She Just Walks Around with It

"Your Days Are None the Better For What You Have Done" from Looky, Daddy!

"Fast Forwarding Fashion" from Save Your Generation

"His Name Was Dice" from Can't Remember Diddly!

"What Is Burger King Thinking?" from Idea Sandbox

"The End of Innocence" from Whiskey in My Sippy Cup

"We Had Our Obama Cake and Ate It Too" from Wiggle Rooms

"Save the Kiribatis" from Guilty with an Explanation

"Passing the Time. Now You Go!" from The Gospel According to Gates

"Revenge of the Evil Ninja Assassin Cat" from Party of 3

"Proposition 8: Be the Change" from Blog This Mom!

"'Do Not Throw the Lube at Her.'" from Starting Over at 24

"Baggage" from Dooce

"Fun with the Bible!" from Sassafras Junction

"When Karma's Anything but a Bitch" from Suburban Sweetheart

"Wondering Why Sarah Palin Made You Feel All Stabby? These Guys Have The Answer!" by Her Bad Mother at BlogHer

"Letter to A Young Blogger" from Deb on the Rocks

"Wish" from Thursday Drive

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