Intrepid Tuesday: Edition #9 (aka Day of the Great Pet Cobra)

Okay, guys, look. I don't know what kind of freaks you all are, but I know for sure that you are freaks, because Tuesdays are all about the self-pimpage, the showing off, the open invitation for new people to come read your stuff, and only ONE of you sent in a webog post to strut what the Powers That Be/ Power That Bes gave them. I, hereby, claim today as the Day of the Great Pet Cobra, our one and only contributor on Tuesday, November 11th. In honour of the Day of the Great Pet Cobra, I have composed the worst limerick every written:

There once was a man named Pet Cobra.
What the hell else ends with an "obra"?
He wrote a good story
and went all blog whorey.
His awesomeness should be on Oprah.

And his submission gets to be outlined in gold and in bold and in a 200% larger font size, because he is ever so fine on his special day.

Now, go read his entry and leave him plenty of comments in honour of this, the Day of the Great Pet Cobra.

"Dan" from Pet Cobra

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See you Friday!

The Day Of The Great Pet Cobra

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