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Intrepid Tuesday: Edition #4

Ha! I'm either calling you champions or a bunch of queens.

Intrepid Tuesdays are all about showing off your own writing, and nine of you took the brave step forward this week:

"Domestic Training" from Psychicgeek

"How to Be Adored" from 'The Hell?

"I'll Be Sober Only for a While" from House of Prince

"We Race Without Ever Leaving the Family Room" from Suburban Scrawl

"Heaven" from Blog of Man

"I'm Going to PUMP You Up" from PAPATV

"Caught on Tape... At Last!" from Always Home and Uncool

"Bread Womb Cave Fire" from Daisybones

"Turn It Back" from The Eleventh

Come next week this time, I want to see your bright, shiny posts waiting to be read here, so submit your stuff for Intrepid Tuesday.

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I'll see you all again on Five Star Friday!

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