Five Star Friday: Edition #26, Which Brings Us to Six Whole Months of This Already

Watch this kid before getting into this week's edition of Five Star Friday, because this video is a great, big ball of cool. My parents were never that cool.

And now for this week's list of excellent weblog entries anonymously submitted in order to share our favourite writing on the internet:

"We (We) Are (Are) Ordinary People" from Gayleen Froese

"Another One for the 'Holy Crap I Was a HUGE Dork'-Pile" from The Art of Over-Thinking

"Tits Absurd" from The Authoring Auctioneer

"Disney in Bed with Playboy?" from Suffix Marketing

"Held" from Meg Casey

"The Wraith of First Avenue" from The Tomato Diaries

"Teenage Mother" from Magpie

"Notice to Staff and Stakeholders: Reorg Coddled Teenage Boy Enterprises" by Ann Handley at Remarkable Parents

"My First and Only Male Stripper Experience: Part Two" from Joy Unexpected

"In Which I Liveblog the Presidential Debate. And Drink." from

"Gramma's Things" from Assertagirl

"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" from One Plus Two

"Idyll (Idle?) on the River" from The Molly Bawn Chronicles

"The Real Reason Vegetarians Get Knickers in Knots" from Sweet | Salty

"A Scary Bathroom Encounter" from N*ked on the Road

"Maybe This Isn't My Place to Say..." from Karen Sugarpants

"Mrs. G's Take on Not Answering the Questions and the Vice Presidential Debates" from Derfwad Manor

Make your submissions of other's weblog entries to Five Star Friday and your own to Intrepid Tuesday for next week's editions. Subscribe to this website and put a badge on your website to make the writing featured here as famous as it can be.

See you next week!

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