This Wide, Wild World

Today, I went for a walk along tree-lined streets in the late afternoon when everyone was either at work or at rest and let myself melt into the quiet experience of long, fall light shining through orange leaves and the last heat of a cooling season soaking into the black wool of my coat. It was stunning.

Later, in a darkened theatre where I watched a one-man show, I sat next to a man who, every time he laughed, expelled the kind of breath that happens when you are sick and have been lying around with your mouth closed for too long, which I could not help but ingest every time I inhaled. He accompanied these outbursts with small fart puffs that smelled like foul babies. It was stunning.

I thought to myself what a wide, wild world we live in that allows us to have such fundamentally disparate experiences separated by only a few hours.

Five Star Friday: Edition #30

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