Evil Genius

I just woke up from a nap, and I had this dream that I invented this extremely inventive typed out face. You know the ones I'm talking about, the ones that look like lo-tech emoticons like this :)? Yeah, like that.

In the dream, there was this evil genius who was threatening to consume me, and he told me that the only way I could save myself was if I invented a typed out face that looked just like him, so I thought very hard about it, and then I somehow managed to type it out in the air in glowing letters, and he was awfully impressed with it and let me live.

This is what the typed out face I invented looked like: ':-|>>

From left to right, it goes eyebrow, eyes, nose, mouth, pointy goatee, and two fingers stroking said pointy goatee. It completely sucks. It looks more like a really bored person with a double-chin who had one of his eyebrows shaved off while he was passed out at a frat party.

I think that dreaming is kind of like being super drunk, because in both situations I usually believe that all my ideas are irrefutably brilliant, but as soon as I wake up or become sober, I am all "What the hell? No one is going to invest in my peanut butter-filled banana operation."

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