Five Star Friday: Edition #29

There are 15 grand submission for this week's list of Five Star Friday posts. I say grand, because I have truly enjoyed reading them through, and a couple of them I read twice. I won't tell you which ones, though. That's for me to know and for you to find out.

"Unplanned" by Anonymous at Umm... Now What?

"Harlot's Web" from The Edge of Insanity...

"A Thousand Words of Hope" from Heather Anne Hogan

"I Cheated... And It Felt So Good" from Punk Rock Dad

"What I Had to Say" from It's Like, I'm... Mmmagic!

"Wild Surmise" from Breed 'Em and Weep

"The Shocking, True Story of Cam's Big Shaft" from Sweet Juniper!

"At Least the Diaper Is Staying On" from Preteens, Toddlers, and Newborns, Oh My!

"As Apple Fucking Pie" from Uppercase Woman

"Here Then Gone" from Dear Screwsan

"Observations from an "Ersatz American"" from Pam's House Blend

"Just Say No" from Whiskey in My Sippy Cup

"I'm Not There. I'm Here." from VanderMeander

"An 11-Year-Old's Take on the War in Iraq: "I Am" Poem by Jack Mayne" from Rough Draft

"Staples" from Derfwad Manor

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