Accidental Art For Sale

Do you remember this little piece of craziness?

gourd 6

Well, I did more crazy stuff right afterward that ended up being a costly accident. I went to Imagekind to check out what kind of printing services they had, because I wanted to know if it would be at all affordable for me to print some of my photography up on a nice piece of stretched canvas. I decided to use the above picture to play around with Imagekind, and I was having fun putting it on one of the more expensive kinds of canvas prints they have available, but I must have hit too many buttons or something, because two days later I received a confirmation e-mail that my order had shipped, and then I got an e-mail confirming that I had just spent half of my meager Christmas present fund, and then I thought Holy crap, this picture had better be really freaking nice.

Guess what? It is nice. It is really nice. Imagekind did an amazing job, and the Palinode even suggested that we could keep it, but I have to sell it, or everyone is going to get one knitted washcloth apiece and a curtsy for Christmas.

front   side   back

What makes this print great:
  • The print is 11"x14.7", which is great, because I say so.
  • It is printed on gallery wrap Piezo Pro Matte Canvas, which means that it does not have any visible staples or nails holding the fabric to the wooden stretcher, and part of the image wraps around the sides to create a look that appears finished just as it is without further framing.
  • It has the hanging wire already attached to the wooden canvas frame and felt pads to protect your walls from being marked by the frame.
  • The canvas is coated with a UV acrylic finish to protect the image from dust, moisture, and fading.
  • The print was created using long-lasting archival inks that have received permanence ratings that well exceed 100 years.

  • All of this for the low, low price of $125!

    If you simply must have this piece, as I know you must, you can BUY IT HERE AT MY ETSY SHOP, and feel the goodness in your soul that only the replenishment of Schmutzie's Christmas present fund can give you.

    I promise to lay off selling stuff for a while. Honest.

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