Intrepid Tuesday: Edition #6

I know that I am getting Intrepid Tuesday out a touch late today, but I was held up by this:

cuddle wuddles

How could I deny his widdle kitty witty love?

I am finally kitten free, so here are a bunch of weblog entries submitted by their respective authors for your reading pleasure. Leave them comments to let them know you came by, because they bravely put their work out here for us to read, and I think they deserve acknowledgement for that. The world can be a scary place.

"Hostage Situation" from Knotty Yarn

"A Day in Pictures: Islanders Day" from Being a Mom of 3 Boyz

"11" from Monitor Me - Rilla's Blog

"No More Political Correctness" from Lemons and Lolllipops

"Obama's Website Made Me Cry" from Authentic Organizations

"I Pay Attention to Where My Dog Goes Pee" from Traveling Circus

"The Ties That Bind" from Down-to-Earth Mama

"Did I Ever Tell You About the Time I...? (Part 1)" from Embellished Truth and Polite Fiction

"Catching Up on Blog-Reading" from

"Alice in Burton-land" from Where Is My Mind?

If you submit one of your own weblog entries for Intrepid Tuesday, you too can be featured here, so send your writing this way, and we'll try to make you a little more famous.

Subscribe to this website so that you won't miss any Intrepid Tuesdays and Five Star Fridays and take a button for your website to let others know what we've got going on over here.

If you've read an excellent post on another writer's weblog, Five Star Friday also needs your submissions, so send those along, as well.

Until Friday!

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