A Picture Of A Man And His Gourd Goes Terribly Awry

The Palinode did not want me to post this one particular photo of him holding a gourd. I think that it's because he thought it was unflattering or something, so I am posting it anyway going to respect his wishes. We're going to have to get a bigger apartment to house all of these Spouse of the Year awards that I keep winning.

Of course, I asked if I could post the photograph he expressly requested that I keep off the internet if I stuck a rabbit head on top of his face. He said yes, so I did.

gourd 2

This picture was really supposed to be about that weird gourd he brought home, which I have yet to identify, but the rabbit-hat-wearing-lady-head kind of stole the show. If you take a good look at her eye makeup, it's kind of freaky.

I started to wonder if he should really be touching something when he doesn't know what it is or where it's from, so I gave him some rubber gloves.

gourd 3

He was suddenly starting to look like a confused drag queen, so I tried to balance him out with a championship wrestling belt...

gourd 4

...which left him looking kind of stupid, so I threw on an extra head to add some brains to the picture. The dashing moustachio was a last minute decision to add a bit of flair.

gourd 5

And then I got a little carried away and added two cat tails, a unicorn horn to the vestigial head, a frog tongue eating a fly and a halo to the rabbit-hat-wearing-lady-head, and an ever-so-tasteful background based on a photograph of a meat locker.

gourd 6

That's my bunny-eared, gourd-loving, vestigial horn-headed, lizard-tongued, two-tailed, germophobic, holy championship wrestler hanging out with a hell of a lot of meat. I sure hope that he likes me as much as I think he does, because I meant this all in the nicest possible way. Honest.

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