The Canadian Blog Awards, Round 2

Canadian Blog Awards 2007I have made it into the second and last round of voting in the Canadian Blog Awards! I was nominated for the Best Personal Blog, Best Photo/Art Blog, and Best Humour Blog categories, and I came out in the top five in all three categories, thanks to all of you faithful voters out there. January starts looking a little less pathetic when the ego's being stroked so thoroughly.

Can you do it for me again?

I really have no good reasons to offer as to why you should bother. I just like winning stuff. I am a sucker for gold stars. Maybe it is because I failed grade three math, or because I had to wear a huge wire head gear to school in grade eight, or because I was inducted into the Itty Bitty Titty Committee in grade eleven. Who knows. Life is a complicated mess of details.

Mostly, though, you should do it because, if I were your buttered bread, I would always fall butter side up.

Please vote for me in each of the following three categories in the Canadian Blog Awards, which means that you will have to click the first link, vote, hit your browser's back button, click on the second link, vote, etc.:

  • Best Personal Blog
  • Best Photo/Art Blog
  • Best Humour Blog

  • Thank you in advance for all the clicking.

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