Unsuppress That Joy Of Yours

One thing that I consistently forget to do enough is let people know how important they are to me. It is so easy to let conscious acts of generosity take a back seat to buying groceries, wrangling paperwork, and trying to figure out how it is that you own forty black socks that do not make a single matched pair.

Over the years, I have given this a lot of thought. I do not think that it is as simple as it is often made out to be, that it is easier to be negative than to actively seek the positive. I see both as occupations that we actively undertake.

Do you know what I really think is going on? We are taught to suppress our joy.

I know I was taught that. I am not sure if it is a North American phenomenon or not, but excitability is most often not highly regarded. As a child, people who spoke too openly about the love they experienced for a friend or the happiness they found in a simple cup of tea were seen as flaky, silly, and, frankly, a bit unbalanced. Bouncing around was verboten.

And slowly, just as so many of us are taught to hide our darker emotions, joy was eventually contained and brought down to an acceptable level of demonstration. When I really think about it, I am just as afraid of expressing my joy as I am of sharing my grief.

The thing that has me thinking about this again is a poem that a friend wrote about me yesterday. It filled my heart when I read it. I became all verklempt while I read it over and over, and I started to tear up with gratitude.

I know someone who writes.
She writes about shiny toy cars and broken promises and worn out shoes.
She’s a little weird, my friend, but in a good way.
Sometimes she tells me things that blow my mind like why the pill is making me crazy or why an earthworm goes both ways.
She knows these things because she is curious about life.
Breathing it; tasting it; learning about it.
Not just moving through it, mindlessly squashing earthworms.

Methinks someone rocks this world madly. Don't you? I am hard pressed to remember the last time someone bravely treated me with such a high degree of thoughtfulness.

I have spent the day since feeling love all over. All it took was that note from her to open my heart up enough to take a look at all the light I have in my life. I cuddled up with the Palinode and the cats last night and knew the goodness that was there.

As you can tell, this poet friend of mine just about gave me religion.

(Hey you, over there, stop rolling your eyes. You have got some joy in you, too, you know.)

There should be therapy to uncover all this suppressed joy we have stored up. It just might take us a step further to solving this energy crisis we are having.

Have you let your joy out to play recently? Have you helped someone else to free it up a little? If you have, tell me how you did it. It is always good to have an arsenal of joy releasers at the ready when you get stuck trying to wrestle the sock drawer into making some sort of sense again.

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