The Canadian Blog Awards 2007

Canadian Blog Awards 2007The Canadian Blog Awards 2007 voting process for Round 1 is finally underway. I was having my doubts that they would take place at all, but here they are, bravely infringing on 2008. You can go vote in Round 1 in each of the individual categories, but I, of course, would like to steer you toward three categories in particular, because I am a nerdly nominee who wants to garner your vote:

  • Best Personal Blog
  • Best Photo/Art Blog
  • Best Humour Blog

  • And that, my friends, is all I am going to say on the matter, because I am bursting with the desire to bounce around and make a general asshat of myself, but I promised myself that I would be all sedate and mature about this.

    So, pretty please? Go vote now? For me? Thanks. You can vote once every week.

    And yes, you can still vote if you are not from Canada.

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