In Which I Introduce Some Guest Bloggers

I am swamped with work at the moment. What with having just returned to work full time after short term leave following a hysterectomy and taking an editing contract on the side that has to be completed tout de suite, I knew that I would need some help with this website. I like being in absolute control of this place, but I knew that if I did not relinquish some of that control to guest bloggers over the next couple of weeks, I was going to crash. Hell, I am already crashing a bit. I am writing from bed where I am surrounded by a pitcher of water, extra blankets, bottles of cold medications, and my cat/hot water bottle.

I gathered up my courage and asked the following accomplished bloggers to lend me a hand for the next while. I e-mailed eleven individuals, and then sat back and held my breath. Would they do it? Was I crossing some imaginary line of blogger caste by making that request of some of them? Did they all like me enough? Luckily, they all e-mailed me back in short order, and with each positive response, the pit of dorkitude into which I had cast myself shrunk smaller and smaller. Now I am merely sitting in a pothole of dorkitude, and it's a fairly comfortable one at that.

You may or may not find the following generous souls writing around these parts over the next while in order to afford my fingers some respite: Abigail of Abigail's Road To Nowhere, Cenobyte of Centre Of The Universe, Neil of Citizen Of The Month, Gasoline Hobo of Gasoline Hobo, the Palinode of In Palinode's Palace, Leah of Leahpeah, Deron of Lectures On Everything, Rekabek of, Savia of Saviabella, and That Girl of That Girl Who Blogs Stuff. Please welcome them warmly, which I know you will do, because you are lovely folks and they deserve it.

I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do while I take a shot at meeting deadlines while battling this veritable snot fountain that I have attached to my face.

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