#812: Why The Palinode Is Awesome

I know, the Palinode is my spouse, and you probably do not want to hear all the reasons why I think he is awesome, because that has the potential to get all gooey and saccharine, but you know what? I promise to be all decent about it and keep all the aaaahhhs and oooohhhs out of it. Even I, who is writing this, do not like the head-tilting, eyelash-batting, feminine baby voice that this sort of thing can conjure up. It is just not becoming for a mature, full-grown human being.

So, without out any gushy sweetness, here are my nine reasons why the Palinode is awesome:

  1. My nervousness around him when we were first dating gave me a terrible case of gas every weekend that I came down to visit him. It was downright acrid, but he weathered my vile affliction and fell in love with me anyway.

  2. He can barely make it through a lie without a goofy grin spreading across his face. Of course, his lies are usually ridiculous, like the following: Do you know why there are no puffins around here? They all died in the great de-beaking incident of aught-five.

  3. He photographs well.

    a moustachioed man flaunts it

  4. Whenever one of our pets dies, he does the dirty deed of picking them up and handling their dead bodies for me.

  5. an MS Paint drawing on the Palinode with a broken backAlthough he usually looks like the image at right these days due to his back being broken (but less jaundiced, I assure you), he still musters up a pretty hilarious soft shoe performance with jazz hands and the my-cane-is-pulling-me-offstage trick. Of course, that could be a result of his being on hydromorphone to deal with the pain, but still, his ability to not only deal with this less than stellar situation but also carry a sense of humour through it astounds me.

  6. He is smart. Like really smart. (See his weblog.)

  7. He tells me that my hysterectomy scars look good.

  8. He makes this curried cauliflower recipe that rivals every other kind of food that exists on the planet. At least, it rivals any kind of food I have eaten, and I am not even one who normally even likes cauliflower. You should stalk him down and beat the recipe out of him, which I mean figuratively, of course, because his back is broken. Actually, if you give him a bit of a massage and some muscle relaxants, he will probably scribble that magic formula out for you as fast as you could say Bless you, Sir.

  9. His drawings are funny, which makes me want to call them drar-rings.

  10. He will not begrudge my MS Paint drawing of him. (I am quite nearly sure that this point will prove true.)

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