#799: Who Rocks The Spouse Thing Most Hard?

The Palinode enters the living room, shouting seeming nonsense.

Palinode: Fatigue! [said the french way: fah-tee-gay]

Schmutzie: Fatty gay?

Palinode: Fatigue! [again, said the french way]

Schmutzie: What is that? Is fatty gay some kind of new sushi that they cull from the gay bar?

Palinode: What, are you not paying attention to me? Are you paying attention to something else?

Schmutzie: Yes, I am paying attention to something I am reading.

Palinode: But I want you to pay attention to me.

Schmutzie: But I am paying attention to something else right now.

Palinode: Tell me about the thing you are paying attention to. Tell me about what it says.

Schmutzie: No, because then I would be telling you about it rather than reading it, and I really want to be reading it right now.

Palinode: But then you would be talking to me.

Schmutzie: Yes, I know that. I'm doing that right now, but what I really want to be doing is not talking, because I need some down time, and we saw your family earlier today, and we will be seeing That Girl later, and I need to not talk in between, because I go crazy.

Palinode: Oh, I understand that.

Schmutzie: Don't you love it when your wife tells you that she doesn't want to talk to you?

Palinode: I love it.

Schmutzie, to herself: I wonder if fatty gay goes well teriyaki.

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