#809: The Rockin' Girl Blogger Award

Back on August 24th, I won something! And then I completely forgot about it! Because I was finally going back to work after being off for months! Hysterectomies are awesome!

But I won something! Jchevais of No Place Like It honoured me with the Rockin' Girl Blogger award.

Rockin' Girl Blogger Award

I am honoured, despite the fact that I am not a girl, because I grew up into a fine adult specimen some time ago.

Oh, crap! I do not mean to infer that Jchevais at all meant to condescend! I am such an asshole. Okay, before I dig myself unnecessary holes, I am going to pass on this award in the spirit in which it was given, because the intent was definitely not to infantilize.

The award originated from Blogging Made Devilishly Simple, and I do believe it was started as a way to let women tell other women who blog know that they rock at it, and one of those women ended up being me, which is, frankly, pretty damn nice. I also believe that I am supposed to pay it forward to five other people who are also both rockin' and female, so here goes:

Five Females That Rock The Blog

  1. Bossy of I Am Bossy: She is the queen of mad dashes from one end of posts to the other, hopping along images enriched with photoshopped commentary. She is a trip.
  2. Erika of Plain Jane Mom: She pays it forward constantly by linking to other people's entries that she enjoys. She has introduced me to some bloggers that I would not otherwise have read.
  3. Kyran of Notes To Self: She is creative and writes a ton of words despite children and other life pressures. I want to be able to put as many letters together as well as she does. And she is real pretty.
  4. Sheryl of Paper Napkin: She helped me get over my anxiety that my heart was somehow going to spontaneously stop due to (the) pneumonia (I do not have). Knowing that my sleeping will likely be followed by waking up is delightful.
  5. Lori of avocado8: She has cool hair.

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