Perec (by the Palinode)

The following entry comes from my partner and acting contributor, the Palinode, who has chosen a rather bizarre and somewhat unsettling meat-oriented contribution for today's guest entry. I should have known. Enjoy!

pig knuckles by barlight   salt and brine
pickled eggs   chitlins & grits
in the morning   sweetbreads for brunch -
pancreas spleen   miscellaneous glands
baluut sloughed   down the throat
jellied hoofs jellied   heels jellied eels
turkey in a tin   vegemite marmite
peanut butter   on wonder bread
angels   on horseback

pataje oorlog surstromming   for the hard of nose
natto   for the chopsticks
ludefisk gefilte fish   for the strong
armor pork brains   soaked in milk
pork gristle drizzled   in chocolate sauce
a haggis hiding   in the freezer section
turducken in turducken in turducken

lardo headcheese   blood and ouns
blood sausage blood   pudding blood
dumplings pair well   with snake wine
My grandfather ate raw   cuttlefish with pepper sauce
at the chrome legged kitchen   table
steak tartar with a beard   of pepper
prairie oysters   sea cows

Spam Klik Hormel   light corned beef
wash down with ouzo toast   with tequila
retire for retsina   puke
to the grapeskin music   of grappa

geoduck goddamn   geoduck

The Blue Swing (by Leahpeah)

Doctor Clip-Art (by Neil Kramer)