#795: RealMental.org

Real Mental Dot OrgToday is the great unveiling of RealMental.org. It is the brainchild of Leah (leahpeah) and Jess (drowninginkids), who knocked heads together at BlogHer Conference '07 and decided to create a space on the internet where they could "...talk about mental health issues with other people in an open and loving manner." RealMental.org is a place where all of us mentally disordered sorts can share our experiences as individuals, lovers, parents, friends, etc. It's a place where we are not isolated but bound together as a community by our experiences. In the short time that we have been building up the site to get ready for today, I have seen parts of myself with which I felt utterly alone mirrored in the lives of the other contributors. As much as I know that there are always others out there somewhere who deal with similar issues, it is quite another thing to know through the firsthand accounts from real individuals.

I am honoured to join such contributors as Leah, Jess, Marrit (Baldo), Jen (jenandtonic), Danny (Dad Gone Mad), Amanda, Moonflower, and Belinda (NINJA POODLES!), and I want to thank them for giving me the opportunity to help plant a community with them that I can wholeheartedly embrace.

So, please head over to RealMental.org, rubberneck a little, and leave welcoming comments for the contributors. It's "[just] a little crazy. But the cool kind."

#796: Losing Normal

I Am Working On Readjusting Myself To My Cubicle