#792: You Are Awesome Because...

The Palinode and I are off to a wedding and will not be much with the internet this weekend, but before I zip around to pack last minute items, I have a request. I want you all to show yourselves off. I want you to drop all pretense of humility and flaunt yourselves.

In the comments, please leave a link to your website and list five reasons why you are worth your salt. Here, I'll start.

I am awesome because:

  1. I take nice photographs that rarely involve my butt.
  2. I'm not so bad at the funny.
  3. I have really nice feet.
  4. I am mostly honest most of the time.
  5. I apologized to my little brother for the years of torture I put him through.

Now you go.

#793: A Weekend Wedding

"Just For Now" - Imogen Heap