#785: Last Weekend At The Folk Festival

Last weekend, That Girl, the Palinode, and I went to a folk festival. On our way there, we picked up amazing sandwiches and Brio at the Italian Star Deli, because everyone should know the joy of an Italian Star Deli sandwich and Brio, and That Girl had yet to know the pleasure.

the Italian Star Deli sandwiches and Brio

And then we ate our sandwiches. Some of us went at it much more seriously than others. I think I saw his mortadella shivering.

the Palinode looks terribly serious while eating the Italian Star Deli sandwich

We visited Abigail and Knuckle Toes at their merchant tent, and by visited, I mean sat in their chairs and drank coffee regularly throughout the day, because walking? That's hard.

Abigail and Knuckle Toes set up shop at the festival

I was once again taken with the Palinode's shapely lips. I was actually trying to get a shot of his über-sexy chin dimple, but it was being highly uncooperative.

Aidan's lips close up

Speedy festival-goers came and went while we rested in the shade.

festival-goers walking by a merchant's tent

Smyrish picked his nose.

Smyrish picks his nose

This man, a perfect stranger, noticed me using my zoom to take a picture of him wearing a false moustache and binoculars. I suck at stealth.

moustache man

And then, I ate pakora


and butter chicken.

butter chicken

I was too tired to do much walking around, so that's why there are no pictures of musicians. I did hear Bruce Cockburn over the fence, though, but it wasn't the only song of his I ever liked, so that was a very whatever kind of experience.

The End.

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