If You Could, Please

Do you belong to either the Collection of Spectacles or the Cockroll? If you do, I have a request to make.

I heard tell that Blogger was deleting splogs, spam blogs put up for the sole intent of displaying advertising. Often, several splogs will be set up that all link to each other, which is how Blogger ferrets them out for deletion. Behind the scenes here, I had about twelve separate blogs set up to behave as though they were all this one website here, which I was afraid would make Blogger think that I was a splog. This has happened to other legitimate websites, so I reconfigured how I have this thing set up in order to keep this place from disappearing.

Here's where you come in. As a result of the changes I made, the URLs for both of the blogrolls have changed. If you have a link to either or both of them, please change the URLs in the badge code on your template, because the old ones no longer go anywhere, and what's the point of your fancy blogroll badge if it doesn't go to a blogroll?

Please copy the appropriate blogroll link below and replace the one in your template with it.

Collection of Spectacles: http://surplus.schmutzie.com/2007/07/collection-of-spectacles-blogroll.html

Cockroll: http://surplus.schmutzie.com/2007/07/mighty-mighty-cockroll-is-69-strong.html

Thank you.

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