#759: In Which I Give Away Free Advertising Because I Love Her Wares This Much

Purse 1
front view

That, my friends, is a happy find. I wanted a purse that was not coloured leather with rusching and unnecessary metal embellishments. I wanted a purse that was large but not large enough to fit everything I carry with me plus a small accessory dog. I wanted a purse that was sturdy but did not look like something soft and young had died so that I could put my copy of King Dork inside it.

Purse 2
front detail

And then I found it at Persnickity Design's Etsy Shop. (They can also be found at their home address.)

Purse 3
side view

It has taken me a long time to find a bag that could hold my camera, a book, and a small knitting project while still looking stylish and holding its shape. Although I have owned this purse for exactly one day, it has restored my faith and saved me from going the backpack route.

Purse 4
inside view

Just to drive home how much I like this bag, here is a list of things I like about it:
  • It is naugahyde, and what child of the seventies doesn't have a secret like of the vinyl?
  • It is large without looking oversized.
  • The straps are made of some super durable material not unlike soft seatbelts but more ribbony.
  • The sides pucker in but can be undone to create a larger, rectangular tote.
  • There are three medium-sized pockets inside that will keep me organized without allowing me to fall back into packratting.
  • Everybody and their aunt Susan does not own this purse, so I get to be cooler than other people.
  • I e-mailed back and forth with Ms. Persnickity herself, Rebecca, and the customer service is excellent. She will even work with you to create the custom colour and design combination of your choice for a mere $5 extra!

  • Before I sign off from promoting for the wonderful Rebecca, which I would like to repeat I am doing for absolutely free, because I paid for that purse and it was worth every penny, I want to point out for you knitters out there her Knitter shoulder bag, which can be ordered in different colours and designs. The black one with french blue dots is keen as all get out.


    PS: My friend, Knuckle Toes, has an Etsy shop that you should also check out. Her stuff is all handmade, and she's an individual who is absolutely worth supporting: Knuckle Toes' Etsy Shop.

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