#758: Sunday Lunch

Would you believe I ate lunch yesterday? I know, it's crazy, but I did.

I and someone whom I will call L, for lack of another name at this point, spent enough time driving around Cityville yesterday looking for a spot to have lunch that we could have easily driven to the next small city, but we eventually settled on this chain family restaurant with dead animal heads mounted on the walls and camping equipment hanging from wooden posts. It was truly not my usual style, but that's what happens when you live in a city with more chain restaurants than it can throw sticks at, and what's not to love about staring at a dead buffalo head throughout your meal?

The waitress thoughtfully covered our entire table in meat packing paper and provided us with crayons, which helped to change my mind a little. Crayons! Drawing on the table!

my Montanas drawings
Looky! I Can Draw A Cow!

Hinterland Who's Who of the Elusive Plastic Bag
The Plastic Bag In Nature
(or Two Educated Women Manage To Misspell "Elusive" Together)

I had a beef brisket sandwich with dipping sauce that was supposed to come with fries, but since they completely unnecessarily deep fried the onions on the sandwich, I tried to make the healthy choice by ordering a side spinach salad. The chef was particularly attentive to my salad and dipped each spinach leaf individually in flavoured oil. The salad made slurpy noises when I tried to eat it.

slimy salad
Wilted, Slimy End To An Otherwise Tasty Meal

The following photos are kind of shaky, but I was standing in a small hallway topped by a board that read OUTHOUSES, and there was a person in the men's washroom that was going to come out any second and become a part of my lunch experience.

women's bathroom at Montanasmen's bathroom at Montanas
If They Only Knew That John Wayne's Real First Name Was Marion

To make up for writing about eating in a cheezy chain restaurant in Cityville, check out my rack.

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