#752: Ask And Tell

I am sitting in front of the television and watching "Seinfeld", "Arrested Development", and "Frasier" episodes simultaneously. I have been doing variations of this for a week since the Great Uterus Removal 2007. My brain, once able to construct many sentences all together with a common goal, just wants to nap. I fear I have corrupted it with my newfound love of cable television and narcotics.

And so, I have a proposal. How about you ask me questions in the comments? I am sure that I have been remiss in covering aspects of this cancer/hysterectomy business, how I will not eat anything with an exoskeleton, and my church camp experience of 1984. If given a bit of direction, I am sure that my brain could bring forth more stuff. Yeah, stuff. So have at it in the comments. I cannot guarantee an answer to every question, but I can guarantee that I will at least try, because my road to hell needs more paving, and I have been slack in that department.

UPDATE: I am not taking any more questions at the moment. Thanks for playing!

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