Tripping The Blog Recumbent

Tomorrow, I go in for pre-surgery bloodwork and an information session, head to Cosmopolis for the long weekend, and then I have my hysterectomy on Tuesday afternoon. I've been nothing but whiny when writing about this cancer thing, so I thought that I should write something positive before I am freed from this journey through cancerland. Nothing sucks completely.

Even if I were to be run over by a lawn mower, I am sure that the newly cut grass would still smell sweet.

Good Things That Come With Cancer

  • People give you candy.
  • When you have a hysterectomy, you immediately lose 100-200 grams.
  • You can blog recumbently, and no one judges you.
  • You get way more cock than you ever thought possible.
  • Co-workers don't say anything when you freak out and shave your head.
  • Cable television suddenly seems like a justifiable expense.
  • In fact, a purse from Persnickety Design also seems like a justifiable expense.
  • Nobody asks you to do anything that might be taxing or difficult.
  • People who like cooking more than you do offer to make you meals.
  • Foot rubs are not unheard of.
  • People tell you how much you mean to them, which, despite it seeming too morbidly close to goodbye, is always excellent to hear. Who doesn't love hearing how nice they are?

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