#715: Yinks, I Just Yuv 'Em

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Unclutterer will get and keep you organized, or, if you are me, it will feed your dreams of one day becoming organized while you sit around and surf the internet in your bathrobe.

If you slaver over type, go to Ace Jet 170, a weblog run by an English graphic designer in Belfast. It specializes in "found type, print and stuff".

Make your own hikaru dorodango.

"Enclosures: Photographs of Manhattan" by Irwin Klein, 1964-69.

Read Belle Waring's post "Anatramy". Who knew that duck genitalia could be so entertaining?

If you are a closet Budweiser fan, this post at Crooked Timber is for you.

The "Empire" Strikes Back: A Posttranssexual Manifesto" is a foundational text in transgender studies.

"Hell-Bent On Helping: Benevolence, Friendship, and the Politics of Help" by Emma Van der Klift and Norman Kunc.

Custom Creature Taxidermy Arts: "She calls it art... you can call it whatever you want".

Wislawa Szymborska continually blows my little mind. Read her poem called "Tortures".

I ♥ Passive-Aggressive Notes From Roommates, Neighbors, Coworkers and Strangers.

Not The Most Thrilled

#714: These Are Males That I Know