#714: These Are Males That I Know

These are some males that I know. I know they are males, or at least I am pretty sure they are males, because I have been privy to enough information about them that I am fairly certain they each have a penis, but I guess you can never be too sure.

For the sake of simplicity, let's assume that all three of the following male-type dudes have penises. Now I can state, with relative safety, that these are some males I know.*

Follow that asterisk. I think my brain broke.

The following PERSON is Mr. Head. That divot on its nose is just for show.

a poet's eye

The following PERSON is pretending that it is a 1940s expat in Panama. It still says How about you and I put on our striders and kicks and cast an eyeball on some hep kittens at the frolic pad. No, it doesn't.

the man of the law 2

Below is Warhol. It's drunk and making an angry face. We think it's cute.

crazy man

* Am I the only who's uncomfortable with the fact that penises/vaginas have to be so goddamned important just to establish who you are talking about? I mean, I suppose that I didn't have to prove their maleness to anyone, but as soon as I wrote "these are some men/guys/dudes/males I know", I got all squirmy, because, hey, who cares? And then my assumptions about their maleness and identity therein really started to bug me, so I reduced maleness to being be-penised, and then I felt like I'd walked my brain into one of those chinese finger traps. I had gone too far, but would that delete key really take care of my heteronormative presuppositions? I think not.

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