I Could Do Anything

So, what of it?
I like to smoke dope
and get stupid in the middle of the night.
I swear it keeps me young,
or at least forgetful,
which is like being young,
because you don’t know as much then,
although I thought I knew everything,
just everything.
Back then I always felt like
I was on the verge of becoming famous.
We were all going to be discovered;
we were going to make great strides
in world-changing fields of study
and people would take our pictures
and talk about us years later like we knew what we were doing.
The problem was
we were all so good at everything
that we ended up doing everything mediocre.
Now I wish I had been like one of those kids
you know, those savants,
who play the violin like a master
but never advance beyond stick figures with anything else.
That way, you, me, that other guy,
we’d all be something,
at least something bigger
that would have people know our names.
But I'm okay with this now.
I mean, I get to hang out,
do pretty much as I please.
My mother used to ask me
why are you always jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire
when you shouldn't even be in the frying pan in the first place?
I guess that's how I got here,
but it's not so bad, uh uh.
Least I know that I've got talents, more than one.
I could do just about anything.

LEEP With Joylessness