It's My Birthday, And I Found Some Old Photos From My Birthday Two Years Ago

It is my thirty-fifth birthday. I have decided that everything today is birthday-themed. I have had birthday coffee and a birthday walk and birthday nachos, and right now I am watching birthday "Scott Baio Is 45... and Single" and typing a birthday weblog post.

Happy Birthday to me!

I found a roll of film from two years ago stashed in my Rebel 2000 SLR camera. Of course, "finding it" means that I popped open the back of the camera and accidentally exposed some of the roll while I was unsuccessfully trying to turn the camera into a pinhole camera with the bottom of a Pringles chips can and some blue sticky tack. A few of the pictures did manage to come out, though. They are from the tail end of our 2005 trip to Costa Rica during our last day in San Jose on our way home to Cityville.

I have already told you about aggressive iguana.

an iguana at Zoo Ave 1
The iguana pictured above did not love us, to say the least. (This photograph is available for purchase through my Etsy shop as a 5x7, an 8x10, and a 12x18.)

He was huge. He was several feet long, and his head-bobbing told us that he was looking for a fight. He was particularly fixated on the Palinode, which scared us away from the enclosure.

perverted litterbug
The sign reads something along the lines of "Why do you continue to torture your mother?" according to Babel Fish Translation.

I do not even know where to start with the above photograph. It has a bit of everything: vagina dentata, bondage, Earth's perceived femaleness as subservient whore, and a walloping hint at scat porn with the shoveling of human waste into her mouth. At least it makes you feel guilt about the whole situation. Way to make people respect the planet, Zoo Ave! I love the mother/whore mash-up!

the Palinode on a plane
This is the Palinode looking very happy with his reading on the flight back from Costa Rica.

This photo was taken on the flight back two years ago today on my birthday. I think he was aping facial expressions for me, but I cannot be sure, because sometimes he just looks like that.

This dog belonged to some friends of ours that we stayed with on our way back to Cityville.

A dog!

So, anyways, that iguana was pretty nasty, and that dog looks a little long-suffering, so I thought I'd put each of them in a different context to see if their apparent dispositions changed. I cut the Palinode and his book out of the airplane picture and stuck it into the other photos, because who wouldn't love having the Palinode read to them?

The Palinode reads to the iguana
A collage of the Palinode reading to the iguana.

Obviously, not this iguana. The iguana, instead of looking just generally angry, now looks like he is eying the Palinode's bald spot as a possible chink in his armour. This situation would not have turned out well. The Palinode needs his skull intact.

The Palinode reads to the dog
A collage of the Palinode reading to the dog.

The dog, rather than looking a touch long-suffering, now looks like he is pleading with us to make. it. stop. please. Poor dog.

Now I am going to go be old. I do it every birthday. When I turned five, I cried all day about the fact that we were all going to die one day, but thirty years later, that schtick has gotten old right along with me. This birthday, I plan to enjoy the fact that I do not have cancer anymore and that the Palinode can stand upright for the first time in almost a year. Being alive is kind of cool.

I am a participant in Holidailies 2007.

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