It's An Iron Cowboy Christmas

The Palinode brought The Cowboy along with him when we were joined as husband and wife in a ceremony that satisfied my side of the family very deeply.

Cowboy xmas tree 1
The Cowboy (and Onion The Not-So-Bright)

He came accompanied by the The Politician and the The Dead Guy, the Palinode's inanimate entourage, but they are not the focus here.

What is the focus here is that I actually decorated for Christmas willingly for the first time ever in my whole life. I am not a scrooge or anything, but I am certainly not one to get caught up in any seasonal foofaraw. I could not give a rat's ass for Halloween or Talk Like A Pirate Day or whathaveyou, but Christmas has presents, so I give it a little more legroom.

My parents were coming down last Saturday for a small Christmas get-together, and I wanted to make the apartment look like it had at least a little of the Christmas spirit in it. We were without a tree, but I picked up some wire garlands that light up and a string of plain white bulbs on sale anyway and came home to find a spot for them. The first obvious place for them I saw was The Cowboy, because he usually stands in our entrance and greets everyone who comes through the door.

Cowboy xmas tree 2

Isn't he lovely? No? I didn't think so. He looks like a cactus. Or a triffid. Definitely a triffid. A festive country and western triffid. Whose bottom half is covered in cat spit.

I am a participant in Holidailies 2007.

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