Etsy Shops I Know And Love

I know that it is too late to do any shopping for presents that will come in time for Christmas, but I thought I would recommend these shops hosted on Etsy from which I have bought gifts for myself and others or that belong to people I know directly. These people are doing it for themselves, and they are doing it well.

1. That down there? That is one of a variety-pack of four cards I ordered from Scotia Made.

A pack of four cards from Scotia Made on Etsy

2. I just bought this gorgeous little number from Annabella Designs.

Queen Annes Lace sterling silver pendant from Annabella Designs on Etsy

3. My mother loved this scarf I gave her from Cipolla.

An Italian wool scarf with houndstooth crow from Cipolla on Etsy

4. My friend Curtis is the man behind Brock Photography, and he is a fine photographer.

Lily 2 from Brock Photography on Etsy

5. Knuckle Toes Clothing and Accessories is a purveyor of hippie-wear and accessories, which is run, of course, by my friend Knuckle Toes.

Peach glass pendant from Knuckle Toes on Etsy

6. Sock Zombie is Erin of Out Of Character fame's shop. I purchased one of her sock zombies for a friend, and it went over like gangbusters.

Orange toe horned zombie from Sock Zombie on Etsy

7. I own a zine called "Beginnings" by Jen Lemen of SoulSister Designs, and it is lovely.

'Beginnings' by Jen Lemen from SoulSister Designs on Etsy

8. Schmutzie on Etsy is, of course, my shop where I am presently selling my photographs. What would this list of Etsy shops be without me pimping out my own stuff?

Belly from Schmutzie on Etsy

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