How To Unclog A Shower Head On The Cheap The Environmentally Friendly Way

How To Unclog A Shower Head On The Cheap The Environmentally Friendly Way


Step One:

First, you must own a clogged shower head that will no longer put out the quantity and force of water it once did, or a shower head that, like ours, has taken to shooting streams of water sideways over the top of your shower curtain so that your entire bathroom can enjoy your showers with you. If you are like us, you live in an apartment, your city has hard water, your landlord outfitted your shower with the cheapest shower head Canadian Tire had to offer in 1988, and you are already a pro at this unclogging business.

(I cannot help but imagine what an unclogging business might look like: cloggers gather under cover of night; an anonymous tip is called in to the Unified National Clogging Liquefaction Order for the Good; fueled by their mandate to stomp out clogging wherever it may be, UNCLOG mobilizes; within twenty minutes, fifty underground cloggers are leapt upon by fifty more UNCLOG members, who swiftly remove the cloggers' footwear and disappear with the offending shoes into the dark; the cloggers, left unable to clog, filter off to their cars hidden in the corn; a near-clogging is narrowly averted until Willy's Dance, Dance, Dance Emporium smuggles in a new shipment of black market Mr. Stompers.)


Step Two:

After ascertaining that your shower head is, indeed, spluttering, grab your keys and head over to the grocery store to buy a bottle of white vinegar, because you never have any around. What have you ever done with white vinegar apart from making that green bean and onion salad with sugar that nearly put you into a diabetic coma?

Step Three:

Is it night yet? Because it should be night. This part takes several hours, and you will want to do it at a time when people will not be needing the shower.

shower head 1

Fill a container large enough to submerse your shower head in with the vinegar. You can use a deep bowl, a bag with an elastic to hold it around the shower head, or whatever else that seems sufficient. I use a salvaged yogurt container, because it's taller than it is wide, which means I do not have to use as much vinegar. You know how important it is to conserve our dwindling vinegar supplies.

The lazy keeps me from microwaving the vinegar until it is just about boiling, but I have heard tell that that may increase its effectiveness. You could also throw in some baking soda for some extra fizzing action. ««According to Butterfly, baking soda will make the vinegar less effective. Just use plain vinegar.

Submerse your crappy shower head in the vinegar, and make sure that the entire head is covered. Let it stand like that for hours and hours. I usually leave it for about eight hours, just for good measure.

When the shower head is done soaking, pour the used vinegar down the drain with some baking soda, because why not let it do double duty and unclog your tub's drain, as well?

Step Four:

This step is totally optional. I say that, because I am far too lazy for a complete follow-through with this unclogging thing.

You can, if you want to be thorough, use an old toothbrush to brush away any extra surface build-up, and if you are really into it, you can take a medium-sized needle and poke it through the shower head holes to make sure that all the passageways are clear.

I never do this, which means that I unclog a lot. I never claimed to be a master unclogger.

shower head 2

Step Five:

Voilà! Your shower head should be in fine working order.

Have a good long shower to test-drive your handiwork. If your bathroom is no longer being flooded by stray streams of water and the water pressure is once again high enough to effectively rinse the conditioner out of your hair, then you have succeeded. Sing it love songs in your very best Barry White. If your shower head is detachable, let it know exactly how much you appreciate its new youthful exuberance. Don't be shy. This is a special consummation of renewed faith and commitment. It should be celebrated.

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