#834: Heading In The General Direction Of Stellar

brainA List Of Things That Are Less Than Stellar:

  1. All through July and August when I was off work after my total laparoscopic hysterectomy, I was on short term disability leave and only received 66% of what I normally made at work.

  2. The Palinode is on the verge of taking long term disability leave, because his back is so bad that he can barely walk. I am not sure what he will be paid during that time.

  3. My union is presently threatening a strike, and if that happens, I will be paid nothing for the first ten days of the strike, and then I will only receive $40 a day thereafter until the strike ends. Sometimes I think I was a baby-eating, three-nippled witch whose brother was her uncle in a past life, because, wow, what is the universe doing to me?

  4. The skin keeps peeling off my nose. What the hell?

A List Of Things That Might Make The "Less Than Stellar" List A Little More Stellar:

  1. I do not have cancer anymore. Being told that was the coolest thing that ever happened to me. It was even cooler than that time I got to sit across the pub from Vinnie Jones for an entire evening. Nobody would go outside to smoke at the same time as him, because he looked terrifying, like he would as soon drag you into the alley and stomp your jaw as share a lighter with you.

  2. The Palinode is on a cancellation list for his surgery date, and he could get the call at any time that his surgery is tomorrow. Every day, his surgery could be tomorrow. That's an awesome thought. On the other hand, his surgery date might not come up for another three months, but I am using my expert denial skills to circumvent that depressing fact. His surgery is tomorrow, I swear it.

  3. My union's strike will mean that we get to keep our benefits, pensioners will not a have a pay cut, our wages will be raised to keep up with inflation, the strike could be a short one, and I might start farting kittens again. There's always hope.

  4. The skin on my nose? With the peeling in big flakes and being gross? I don not know what is going on, but I hope that when it is done it looks fresh and new as a baby's butt. It is certainly trying.

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