#827: Dreams And Waking

I had a dream last night that the party balloon population rose suddenly, and once their air had escaped or they popped, their deflated bodies draped all over the trees and smothered them, which caused the deforestation of most of northern Europe.

And then, we were petting slugs, which looked like over-sized maggots, and we could put our fingers straight through them as though they were clouds, and it did not hurt them at all.

Later, we ate fancy burgers laden with flower petals instead of lettuce, and they felt velvety on my tongue.

The only part I really did not like was the part during which the Palinode kept making me smell his finger after rubbing it in different places. He thought that it was hilarious, but I found it to be highly disgusting, so I said Can't I just go roll around in that dead rabbit over there instead? I pointed at a rabbit whose guts were falling from its ribs like a beached whale. Sure, he said.

I woke up to a cat nuzzling my chest as though looking for a nipple, and I thought Will this day ever end?

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