U.S. Postage Stamps

Did you know that I made U.S. postage stamps? And I am Canadian, too. That hardly sounds legal, but lo and behold, it is.

Now people all over the United States can drink in the beauty that is my friend, R. He's a handsome devil, that man.

Zazzle custom stamps will work with any size mailing, including greeting cards, invitations, and note card envelopes. It features an original black-and-white photograph, taken by Schmutzie, of an ornery man sticking his tongue out at you. The 2.1" x 1.3" stamps come in sheets of 20 and can be purchases in several types of postage amounts: Post Card, 1st Class 1oz, 1st Class 2oz/1oz odd, 1st Class 3oz, 1st Class 3.5oz, 1st Class 4oz, and Priority Mail.

Click here, and they can be yours for anywhere between $14.87/sheet of 20 (Post Card) and $109.95/sheet of 20 (Priority Mail), depending on the type of postage you choose.

I kill myself.

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