An Awful Excuse For An Entry, But Excuse Enough When It Comes To My New Scanner

I had a whole entry written up and ready to go, but it’s still on the computer at work. Damn. And double damn, because now you are stuck with this: a sad, limp noodle of a post that exists only as an excuse to play around with my new scanner.

I worked very hard today. It was draining. I am drained. I am still happy, though, because the Fiery One called me from rural Holland just before I left work. He has a Kogipan in his suitcase there, the darker twin of this little guy, Sumipan. For some reason, this makes me all sunny inside.

Do you know what else makes me all sunny inside? This twenty dollar bill that he left me. In very short order, I will no longer be in possession of this bill, because I am going to use it to buy beer. Oh yes.

I am going to meet up with Friday and Amelia. It should be lovely. Because smoking and drinking is so lovely.

I have one last picture for you. I found this slip of paper, and I have been carrying it around for days. What does it mean? I can make not sense of it, but it has infected me. black tempo hemp, black tempo hemp, black tempo hemp. It thumps softly in slow figure eights across my brain.

And, to carry you a little further, a poem.

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