Squarish Things I've Loved Before

I really liked my last entry, so I will direct you there first, in case you missed it the first time. (Modesty a virtue? P-shaw!)

Today will be a list day, because I can’t be bothered to write whole paragraphs, and then also because I do so love lists.

39 Squarish Things I Have Loved

  • letter-sized ivory file folders
  • plain, white, unadulterated stacks of new paper
  • miniature playing cards
  • fake credit card inserts in new wallets
  • brushed, stainless steel light switch covers
  • books of all kinds
  • cassette tapes
  • old-school calculators with the high-standing, snap-clicky buttons (they’re usually brown)
  • graham crackers
  • the Fiery One (just kidding!)
  • slices from the middle of a cake
  • photographs
  • brown toast with real butter and a sprinkling of yellow sugar
  • Dubble Bubble (warning: noisy link!) bubble gum
  • Scrabble letter tiles
  • windows
  • blocks of sidewalk
  • colourful, small ceramic tiles for burning incense cones on
  • the toes of my black leather boots
  • fresh, new bars of soap
  • wrapped presents in boxes
  • origami water balloons
  • brand new erasers
  • hip flasks (preferably full of something like rum)
  • sugar cubes
  • address books
  • new condom packages
  • blocks of white cheddar or Canadian havarti
  • my rabbit, Gordon, jammed tightly into a small box (again, just kidding!)
  • dice
  • salt licks (those big cubes of salt that farmers put out for their cows)
  • free-standing wardrobes
  • street signs
  • the huge block of packed snow before you start a snow sculpture
  • the wooden blocks left after trimming the ends of two-by-fours that we would nail together and make into stilts when we were kids
  • docks at the lake
  • old doors with lots of character
  • my two favourite rings
  • actual, made-of-paper mail in the letterbox
  • Gmail If You Want To, And I Am A Victim Of My Own Clumsiness Again

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