Things That Have Made Me Happy

art, the base line to “Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Joy Division, baths (hot), bergamot (its smell), birds' singing (especially meadow larks), books, bubble gum (Dubble Bubble), butter chicken, cats, chests of skinny little boys when they try to show off their muscles, dandelion is “pissenlit” in french, daytimers (I always neglect to use them), eggs (brown), fall (the season), the Fiery One, fires (the bigger the better), fog, fonts, friends, fuck (the word), gardens, geese (angry ones), gyoza, hands that look clean and tidy, ice cream (chocolate), jute twine, kissing, language, lemons, light bulbs (coloured), lists, mail (the snail kind), mandarin oranges, marijuana, markers (Sanford), matches (wooden), miniatures, music (live), neckties, One Hundred Years of Solitude, paint, paper, peanut sauce, poetry (the really good stuff, not that sappy high school crap), popcorn (heavily buttered), power outages, raspberries (wild ones when stumbled across accidentally in the woods), restaurant patios, rubber balls, sneakers (orange-coloured), soup, St. John’s Wort, trees that are really old and look like grandparents, tropical fish (wild), typewriters (antique), wedding anniversaries (mine and the Fiery One's), whistling (with blades of grass), wool socks, zippers

The Fiery One Has Left The Building And A Girls' Night Out

Things People Hardly Ever Do These Days