Getting Stuff Done, Maundy Thursday, And Nick Nolte

The Fiery One is going away another work trip, and this time I hope to use the time by myself to my advantage. I didn't do such a good job of being productive the last time around (or any other time around, for that matter). I had all these plans to make that string/tinfoil/glue/chinese ink creation that I was going to force the Fiery One to live with when he got back home. I was going to clean the apartment top to bottom in honour of spring and the fresh air I can get into the apartment with our snazzy new windows that open and close. I was even going to clean out the refrigerator of all the containers with unknown contents. Of course, none of those things happened. I am the queen of procrastination.
I think that what I actually managed to accomplish while he was last away was doing a bit of writing and washing a couple of sinkloads of dishes. That took me a whole week. Of course, I have myself promising that I will really and truly get stuff done this time around, and that when the Fiery One returns at the end of the month he will be positively amazed at what I can do once warmer weather arrives. I want to actually get all of our laundry completely done for the first time in our married life, clean out the lower kitchen cupboards (they're so dark and scary and avoidable), move some shelving around for increased utility, sweep and mop the hardwood floors, work off the last bit of plaster dust that is clinging to the bathroom floor, wipe down the walls, and cull our book collection for the unwanted and embarrassing to own.
No, that's stupid. I'm thinking that I should lay off the promises, enjoy guilt-free couch lounging and internet surfing, and then if I do manage to accomplish anything creative at all, I can pat myself on the back for a job well done. That plan of action might just save me from pursuing all those avenues of guilt over time wasted and whatnot that I like to indulge in just before the Fiery One returns from these trips, because wasn't I just going on about how I don't get much done like I plan to anyway? Every time he leaves, I do this to myself. When he was away for twenty-two days, I told myself that I would finish the last half of the rough draft of my novel. Ha. What was I thinking? I wrote the first half almost a year-and-a-half ago, and aside from some topical research, that is as far as it's come. Another time I was going to make new pillow covers for all our pillows out of our old clothes. Oh, wait. There was also the Egg Project. The first one of the three I made is the only one surviving. It is covered in a hand-done, beaded peyote stitch. The second was decorated with glitter glue, and was destroyed by the Fiery One in a housecleaning incident. The third was completely covered in the Fiery One's hair after a head shearing (it was disconcertingly disgusting), and it was accidentally thrown out (what it was doing being kept in a plastic bag with a broken plate, I have no idea). The Egg Project started two-and-a-half years ago. Oy. I do try, though. I am an excellent self-starter. I can self-start with the best of them. If you ask me, though, no one places enough importance on self-finishing. When I am interviewed by prospective employers, they are always impressed with my self-starting abilities, but they never inquire regarding my self-finishing abilities, which, in the scheme of things, are possibly more important than the self-starting end of a project, since a bunch of beginnings don’t really amount to much.

I have become oddly interested in Maundy Thursday. I think somebody brought it up a couple of months ago, and it just popped up in my brain again today. Here is a brief essay on Maundy Thursday that I researched in a very cursory fashion:

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday commemorates Jesus' last supper with his disciples and the institution of the Lord's Supper. The name Maundy Thursday comes from the old Latin name for the day, "Dies Mandatum," i.e. "the day of the new commandment.” It is the oldest observance peculiar to Holy Week. On Maundy Thursday, PBS (in the United States) frequently presents Richard Wagner's last Gesamtkunstwerk Parsival sung in German with English subtitles from the Metropolitan Opera. The day has also been known as Sheer Thursday, due to the idea that it is the day of cleaning (schere), and because the churches themselves would switch liturgical colours from the dark tones of Lent. The night of Maundy Thursday is the night on which Jesus was betrayed by Judas in the Garden of Gethsemane. In Britain, they have Maundy Money!
The End

There is a guy who works somewhere in this institution who looks uncannily like Nick Nolte. He looks like Nick Nolte with a much bigger gut and maybe a bit shorter, but Nick Nolte nonetheless. He doesn't sound like Nick Nolte, though. He sounds like your next-door neighbour's younger uncle Nat. Maybe I should befriend this man and encourage him to smoke.

Texas may now be killing fewer inmates.

Deforestation of the Amazon hit near record levels last year.

Yikes. It has been alleged that thousands nearly died at a soccer match in London due to a planned suicide bombing mission.

Mice have been born without fathers in the Far East.

A nuclear plant in Vermont is missing two fuel rods. Scary? Indeed.

Farmers in Pakistan are still defending their poppy crops.

The father of a severely disable girl wants to win the right to sue the mother for harm suffered in the womb during a car crash. Funny thing is, they are still happily married.

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