A Meaty Seduction

Congrats go out to laili-6! She’s going to Halifax. My envy is huge. I have wanted to move out there for ten years already.

It's like a plague of birds in Stawell, Australia. "Even the sheep are...deftly using their noses to grind them into the ground."

Things just keep getting worse for Iran. Will they be a second Iraq? Why does the United States get to have all the toys?

Brilliant. Let’s kill off some golden eagles so we can save the last two dozen marmots left in the wild.

Here is a scathing article about the Americans in Iraq from the Asia Times.

I have been on this huge meat kick lately. I do not generally eat a lot of meat. The Fiery One and I don't even usually buy any along with our groceries. We mostly do the tofu and beans thing when we decide we need to throw some extra protein into our diets. Maybe this could why I went on my meat binge, although my obsession could easily be linked to the fact that my diet has been lacking all 'round lately.
Vegetables? Unless they have been the mushy, same-consistency-as-my-rice, ex-frozen variety or the kind that minimally colour a tossed salad, they are a somewhat distant memory. Fruit? Almost as distant in my memory files, but we do keep cans of no-name fruit salad around. I usually keep some in a plastic container at work, but despite the refrigeration and having come from a can, even they have developed this distasteful, almost-moldy smell. Bread/pasta/rice? These are my regular standbys. It's easy, I'm lazy, and who wants to trudge through the snow ten blocks to the nearest grocery store.
Meat? Ah, meat, glorious meat. If it bled when it was plucked, I have been up for it. Chicken, pork, beef, and fish in all forms: raw, pan-fried, deep-fried, grilled, ground, sausages, luncheon meat, dried jerky, smothered in cheese, doused in gravy, slathered with mayonnaise on a bun. It has been a disgusting tour de force of the meat world. Each time I sat down in a restaurant or sidled up to the counter in a food court, I would glance over the menu, trying my best to concentrate on the healthier items available, knowing that I was beginning to take my life in my own hands if I continued with this behaviour. But the salads with their light dressings, the vegetable based soups low in fat, and the dry vegetarian sandwiches devoid of cholesterol-laden spreads did nothing to entice me. My cravings were too strong to say no to the "dry" ribs or the Sante Fe chicken burger with process cheese or the Hot Rod beef sticks. Even the Fiery One does not know the truth of the amount of meat and meat products that I have consumed over the past couple of weeks.
This over-consumption of one group in the food spectrum over this period of time has led to some health issues. My intestines are being non-cooperative. I am certain that there is a whole lot in there that I haven't seen, and I don't know if I want to. Also, the bloat is upon me. It's official. I have this pink, upside-down smile just under my boobs where my belly pushes up when I sit down. It makes my torso look like a big frowny face when I'm naked. And I am definitely suspicious of all the hormones from foreign mammal meat coursing through my body. So, as a start to remedying this self-inflicted damage, I ate a salad for lunch and washed it down with V8. Too bad it's St. Paddy's, though, because it's beer for supper tonight.

Here is some Russian wisdom on how to hit on someone. “Would you like a cocktail or would you rather prefer cash?” is in the top five for a surefire way to get a date.

Yay for Canada! Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham says that we will not be sending troops to Iraq.

A pioneer in the field of computerized typesetting, John W. Seybold, died on March 14th at the age of 88.

Tensions are high once again between Serbs and ethnic Albanians in Kosovo.

There may be new hope for people whose cancer is resisting chemotherapy.

U.S. Methodists struggle with the issue of a gay minister who is also a practicing homosexual.

Pirates are still alive and well off the coast of Indonesia.

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