A New Template (Again), The NSB, And Stupid, Stupid Dreams

I have a whole new look! It’s a strange thing for me to do after Mirabile complimented me on Friday night for what has now become my old template, but such is life. I hope you enjoy this one as much, Mr. Visu, because I worked darn hard on it.

Saudi Arabia will hold its first municipal elections in October.

President Vladimir Putin is expanding his country’s strategic ties with China in military sales and economic co-operation. Russia’s tensions with the West have been rising, especially now that they feel there is a lot of unwarranted negative media being used to sway westerners’ opinions regarding Putin’s re-election.

Baldness may finally be cured, at least in the rodent world.

China has amended its constitution to include human rights and the right to private property.

The Fiery One and I went to an art gallery with a couple of friends this afternoon, because there was an art exhibition going on there that had been through my home city which I had heard a lot about. Yum. The exhibition was entitled “Soundtracks” and was split into three parts: “Come a Singing!”, “See Hear!”, and “Re-Play”. The titling really needed some work, but despite the folksy sound of the wording, most of it was fantastic. The best find of the afternoon was the Nihilist Spasm Band which hailed from Ontario. I could have sat around listening to the Nihilist Spasm Band all afternoon. How is it that such fantastic political, artistic, musician types flew under my radar for so long? I was listening to the music on these horribly misshapen headphones, having to press the right one against my ear so I could hear them in stereo, and staring around this large white room whose walls were lined with bizarrely shaped instruments, most of them stringed. The members of the Nihilist Spasm Band created many of their own instruments, seemingly out of whatever they could find. The sounds meeting my ears were often discordant, cacophonous, but elements of it would rise up and I would get lost in following the rhythm of the thread. This stupid gallery tour guide was leading a whopping tour of two through the NSB part of the exhibit, and she told them that “...the NSB were more political than anything else, as you can tell by their terrible music”. I wonder what it takes to get to be a closing-your-mind, forcing-your-opinion tour guide in an art gallery. Apparently an art degree and smugness are all you need to be a cultural mediator.

36,000 chickens are going to be killed on one British Columbian farm with the arrival of the bird flu.

The Spanish Socialist Workers Party won 96% of the votes in the recent election in Spain, promising to bring home their troops stationed in Iraq.

The California Supreme Court has ordered an immediate halt to same-sex weddings in San Francisco and will wait to hear arguments in May or June.

Worried about being single forever? Well, you don’t have to be. There is a website that offers to help pair you up with another single as a backup plan if neither of you is married in twenty years.

My dreams have been extremely boring lately. I really shouldn’t complain, because I didn’t have dreams that I could remember for what felt like a long time, but the ones I am remembering now are getting lame. It’s the same thing every night. I dream I might be pregnant, but I am not eager to find out either way and seem to take it in stride. I dream that I am looking down at myself and I am wearing a flimsy, grass-green shirt that buttons down the front. My breasts are very perky and my nipples point very noticeably through the material. I am not embarrassed by this. I dream about the hang-dog face of a young man in his early twenties. He is sad but sweet and cute in a homely kind of way, and I wish I could help him. Sometimes I dream bits and flashes of white, white skin. It’s all quite physical, more about indulgence of the senses than anything else, but the repetition is getting old. I keep thinking that maybe if I figure out what the hell it means, it will stop, but when I try to look deeper, I see nothing there. Any suggestions? Maybe eating a lot of cheese right before going to bed will throw curve into my dream world.

The story behind Marcus Wesson’s mass killing seems to be a complicated one to say the least.

Here is an interesting article that discusses the possible legal ramifications of accepting “civil union” as an alternative to marriage. No, really, it’s interesting.

Al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attacks in Madrid.

Tehran barred the International Atomic Energy Agency's nuclear inspectors on Friday, March 12th, and this has raised international concerns regarding their possible nuclear weapons program.

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