The Rag's Not So Bad

Hyperplexia seems like a rare gift, but then it turns out that like most gifts, it comes with a price. The disorder may help us to understand how our brains are able to read.

This just substantiates my belief that you should never give important information about yourself over the phone. You never know who will be listening, and you cannot be truly assured that the information will be kept private.

A poll has shown that Canada’s western province feel alienated and ignored by Ottawa. No shit, Sherlock. Although, I find it very hard to believe that 25% of the people in my home province wouldn’t mind becoming a part of the United States. I wonder where did they decided to poll Saskatchewanians, because it’s not around where I live.

I am not all big on ridiculously huge bombs that cause cancer for generations, so reading an article about today being the 50th anniversary of the United States’ nuclear test in which they detonated a 15-megaton hydrogen bomb on Bikini Atoll hasn’t made me feel hopeful.

The “Ax”of Stax Records, co-founder Estelle Stewart Axton, has died at the age of 85.

George Saunders, how you make me giggle. Read his piece called “My Amendment” in the New Yorker.

Here is a list of Texas death row inmates’ last meals. Man, but some of those guys can really pack it away. I wish they had listed how long it took them to eat those meals. I betcha it’s an attempt at buying time while you wait to see if the governor will make the life-saving call or not.

Yesterday, I got my period, which was actually an excellent thing to have happen, because it was so close to being right on time. My hormones have been all fucked up since December, and it has been stressful trying to deal with myself when my body doesn’t seem to know that giving me pre-menstrual symptoms out of the blue and off schedule and usually for two extended lengths of time in between my periods is not acceptable or convenient or at all welcome during the worst months of my winter depression. Neither was getting it every three weeks. Now I think it is finally settling down, thankfully, but it meant that when I had to stand on my feet all day at work and lift stuff, I had to act all brave and pretend that the long, slow, and intense ache in my uterus was nothing. I don’t mind putting on a brave face, but today I didn’t want to. Now that I am at home and sitting and nicely drugged, I say thank you, uterus! you are doing me proud being timely! good on ya!

The United States ousts yet another world leader. Astounding.

It turns out that maybe I was born to smoke. No, just kidding. I know I chose to start.

Human Rights Watch claims that homosexuals are regularly tortured in Egypt.

Chop Chop And Finishing Books Can Be Oh-So-Satisfying

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