A Short Documentation Of Nice Things I Saw In October And Marina Tsvetayeva

Today, I have chosen to visit my most recent photos upon you. So there.

The following photograph was taken at my inlaws’ house in Cosmopolis. They have many books, which this picture clearly proves.

This is the fabulously bright yarn that my mother-in-law is using to knit me a pair of socks for Christmas. Her socks are warm and comfortable and fit well inside of shoes. She is a sock goddess.

Here is a plant on the windowsill in my mother-in-law’s kitchen.

I lived in this house for many months with Richard, a man who was to be my fiancée for a short while. I have many stories to tell about this place, which I will likely do once I have a goodly amount of time to tell stories on the internet.

Cityville is not known for its excellent public artworks. This sculpture is constantly being altered by the addition of nipples to the female figure. Her breasts are now layered with whitewash after whitewash, which does much more to highlight the fact of her bosom than some measly nipples. In this photograph, she has only one nipple.

And that was a short trip through some of the nice things I saw in early October. I have a few more yet, but my computer is being very slow, and my patience has worn thin. Next, a poem for you and some toast for me. Okay, and maybe the moon.

One day, pretty creature
Marina Tsvetayeva, November 1919

One day, pretty creature,
I'll become a memory for you,

There, in your deep memory,
Lost -- so far far away.

You'll forget my hook nosed profile,
And my forehead in the tempest of a cigarette,

And my eternal laughter, annoying you,

-- And on my working hand, a hundred
silver rings, -- an attic-cabin,
Of my heavenly confusion of papers

Frightening year, reasoned by the sorrow,
You -- were small, I -- was young.

For those of you who like the comics, I bring you Indy Magazine.

Go feel a little better at Sorry Everybody. (found via Packsawallop)

I likes her pictures I does.

And last but not least, I thank clammy05 for brightening what began as a very hung over Remembrance Day for me.

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