A Heads Up And Stupid Man Earrings

I received one of these e-mails hosting the evil "worm", and even though I did not open it and deleted it, my e-mail account has been sending out fake e-mails with this virus to people on my contacts list. If the subject line says "hi" and it's from me, delete it without opening it.

The Voynich manuscript may indeed be gibberish, but I don't think so.

Pollution in North America did not start only when Europeans landed on its shores. In fact, it started much earlier.

I am undecided about whether or not I care for the what Helmut Newton did or did not do for women, but he's dead, so here's his obit. (Hit the “skip this ad” bit in the top right corner of the first page to avoid some serious nuisance).

Some people blame the lifting of sodomy laws and the possibility of legalizing gay marriage for the dawning of a new era of polygamy. Here is a good example of why polygamy can be bad.

The anti-Bush thong. No joke.

Some of the freakish anti-homosexual reactions described in this article are so stupid I almost want to cry.

I know that this has nothing really to do with me, and that my sense of personal taste really has little bearing on what happens in the world, but I have to mention it since this is something I have to look at repeatedly throughout my workday. Why do young men keep wearing those oversized cubic zirconiums in their left earlobes? If they did not look so plastic-like and well worn and were a lot smaller, then they might be forgivable, but as it stands, these people end up looking like little boys who got into their mother's costume jewellery. Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against jewellery on men. In fact, I don't think men wear enough of it on average, but the oversized chunk of glass thing just doesn't work, guys. Quit it. You look stupid.

Gimme a G! Gimme an H! Gimme an A-N-A! Ya-aaa-aaa-ay Ghana!

The Weblogs Compendium is an excellent resource for bloggers.

Here I leave off so I can go and cook up some chinese fried rice sans the carrots, because we don’t have any. While I am away, please enjoy this, a decent blog to look through – Everybody Poops.

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