Deliciousness, Uncut Diamonds, And Screw The Facts, Because Sushi Rocks

Britain is going to lift the right to anonymity for sperm and egg donors.

Chinese schools are changing from 'force-fed' learning and have had significant funding increases.

Salmon may contain a mess of chemicals and antibiotics, but the Boston Globe and several others think you should eat it anyway.

For most of my work day today, I smelled delicious. It's true. You want to know why? At approximately 11:52 am, I upended my plate, which was full of a delicious tossed salad with italian dressing on it. I was wearing a wool sweater, so all the salad oil rubbed in very nicely without leaving any noticeable marks, but I had to walk around smelling like good food all day. Several people, while talking to me, commented that someone in the building must be cooking something good for lunch. I would simply nod and agree. No point in embarrassing myself by admitting to being the delicious lunch when I didn't have to. Although, now that I think about it, whenever anybody asked me how I was doing, which happens overly frequently where I work, I should have mysteriously answered “delicious”.

This is something I rarely hear about anymore. It still sucks to live in Nepal after all these years. Fucking Maoists.

Peruse the Culinary History Timeline, but not if you’re hungry.

Since I mentioned that my bird looked a lot like Winston Churchill a couple of entries ago, I thought I would throw in this story about Mr. Churchill's parrot.

One of the professor’s came by at work today and pulled out a small, black box. He told me that he had just been showing one of my co-workers his diamonds. I said, “so, you have diamonds, do you?” I was only humouring him, because I thought he was half mad. He said, “yes, I do”. Then he proceeded to open the black box. Inside there were about two dozen clear plastic containers, like the ones geologists keep rock samples in, nestled in black velvet-lined hollows. Each container had a stone in it, and each container’s stone was of a different size. They were uncut diamonds! He took about three of them out and poured them into my hand so I could take a better look at them. I am amazed that he did that, because cut, their worth would increase from between two to ten times, so even in their uncut state, a box housing that many would probably be worth quite a bit. They looked almost nothing like the cut ones I’m used to, but they were still all sparkly and pretty. I should have clubbed him over the head and run.

It scares me when the meaning of "freedom of the press" may be lost in Canada.

Now Kodak is going to cut its workforce by 20% as it switches over to digital and leaves 35mm film behind. Again people, I just got my camera. Don’t do this to me!

Step right up! Helium 3 from the moon, folks! It's the new fuel for the 21st century!

There will be no facts today, because I must run off to join the Fiery One for sushi and whatnot. Fuck the facts where sushi is concerned! I have exactly nine minutes to get my ass out of the house. Oh, and before I do, I leave you with a personal-type blog I found that I really, really like at the moment – meeyapede.