Tongue Blistering, The Great Sauberkeit, Lonely Bloggers, And Loneliness

Since I wrote about that blood blister on my tongue a couple of entries ago, this weblog has been googled quite a bit. The last nine searches that found me pertained to tongue blisters. Some of these were: tongue blisters, blood blister tongue, black spot on tongue, and i love popping blood blisters. I had no idea how common blistering of the human tongue could be. Gross. (Mine seems to have cleared up, by the way).

Holy shite! I am actually cleaning up the bedroom. The Fiery One started by picking up the small pile of his clothing that had accumulated on his side of the bed, and he very politely asked me if I could do some work on mine. My pile of clothing is quite another matter. It stretches along the length of the bed from my night table, pools out from the end of the bed to cover all the free space between the bed and the closet, and then concludes in an entangled mass on the closet floor. What is in the pile becomes less and less recognizable as it moves from the night table to the closet; so much so, that not even I who, the one who has created this mess over many hard months, can tell you for sure what an article is when pointed at. If it were a viable option, I would move the bedroom into a gallery, call it folk art, and move, but the Fiery One seems to want it tidied up instead. I don’t think he realizes what he has started. Simply picking up and laundering the clothes will not be enough. I have only made a dent in what is on the floor, and I have already observed the amount of dirt resting on the tops of our baseboards behind the bed and night tables. This means that I will have to move everything far enough from the wall to be able wipe this all down, because it has gone much too far for a mere dusting. This means I am going to rearrange the furniture, which I always insist on doing alone, even though the length of our bed means that I will have to personally remove our queen-size mattress and upend the cherry wood frame myself in order to turn it for the new arrangement. But now I am driven. Now I am on fire to unearth all that clothing that has long since been forgotten. Now that a cleaning has begun, our whole understanding of our bedroom must be shifted. For this one Sunday afternoon, I am a minor deity, Sauberkeit, and I will smite all Dematophagoides farinae Hughes that dare to remain.

Okay, I know that I said I would vanquish my diminutive enemies, the dust mites, but after an hour of picking up, folding, hanging, and throwing out clothes, I have succumbed to a headache, which I am fairly sure was aroused by the dust in there. As I previously stated, though, I am only a minor deity, so small setbacks are expected in this uphill battle against clutter.

I became interested in those lonely, drifting weblogs that come from cities where there is not another like them, not another blog to be found (at least on Diaryland). I thought that I should take a look at these poor souls.
danpaul is a couple from Albequerque, New Mexico, USA.
ashez14 is from Swift Current, Saskatchewan. She lists “God” as one of her two favourite authors, so this one is highly questionable.
ziggy91 is from The Pas, Manitoba and seems to lead a decidedly unsatisfying life.
icebox-girl says she comes from Naruru, Naruru. Now, I don’t know where that is, but she says she is from there, and she is the only one listed there, so I’ll take her word for it. It must be lonely in Naruru.

Loneliness Facts and Links (I am not so big on the whole self-help aspect of things, so bear with me):
* Do a self-inventory to see if you are indeed lonely at
* incites you to “take control of your life”. They even have a personal action plan that you can print and fill out.
* The song “Loneliness of the Evening” was originally written for the stage version of South Pacific but was cut before its debut on Broadway. It was then added to the 1965 version of Cinderella.
* Most studies show that potential serial killers became solidified in their loneliness first between the ages of 8 to 12; such isolation is considered the single most important aspect of their psychological makeup. (see “Killer Facts by Robert Ressler)
* According to the Straight Scoop News Bureau, some young people feel that they can relate to the images of loneliness and sadness associated with heroin addicts, and that this can lead to their experimenting with the drug.
* says that Christian singles list loneliness as the number one disadvantage about singlehood. Diane Dew offers a study on loneliness in the scriptures, if you are so inclined. (I am not, being decidedly non-Christian myself, just so’s you know).
* As we all know, pets can offer lower rates of isolation and loneliness. I personally would not suggest fish to fill the void, though. I have had fish on a couple of occasions, and they offer little in the way of warm companionship. They also die super easily.
* Apparently, people with scleroderma must cope with loneliness.