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Watch the "13 Illuminati Bloodlines" video. I tracked this down from New World Disorder. I am such a sucker for this stuff. Maybe it is because I feel superior when I can point out the holes in a chain of reasoning.

Today I am not at work. I am not terribly ill. I do not have the sniffles or a fever or weeping sores. It is my back. My neck has been out of place since August, and I have yet to go and get it fixed, so the constant and occasionally excruciating pain that I have been experiencing for the past three days is all my fault. It is especially my fault, because it took me two days of this pain before I broke down and bought myself some muscle relaxants. Ah, the muscle relaxants. I do love them. I still have a little pain, but now I can turn my head from side to side and I can almost look up. Now that I'm thinking about it, I wonder if this is a good thing. The bones in my neck are horribly out of place, and if my body was sending me pain signals to stop me from further irritating the area, then maybe the mobility the muscle relaxants offer me could do more harm than good. I worry about this sort of thing when I have a fever, too. Your body uses a fever to burn out the invading virus, and if you take ibuprofen to lower your temperature, aren't you thwarting your body's natural efforts to eradicate the enemy? Then again, thousands of people are not dropping dead around us because they used pain relievers. At least, not that I know of.

I ran across this blog today, and I quite enjoyed reading about her scientific arm-washing job. I think I will keep reading her.

For those struggling with addiction, go to Lip Balm Anonymous. And to find out about a completely different kind of balm, read on about Nutria Anus Balm.

Yesterday I was amusing myself with thoughts of the weird and sometimes terrible things I used to do to my first cat, Pepper. Pepper weighed in at twenty pounds when he was lean and was long enough to be able to stand with his chin resting on the edge of the kitchen table when he had both feet on the floor. He had long, black fur with four white paws and three symmetrical white patches on his belly. I loved him intensely, and, though I am somewhat embarrassed to admit it, even wrote a poem in his honour. I have long since lost it, which is too bad, because I would have loved to have shared it with you. In its place, here is a short list of the atrocities I committed as a young cat owner:
1) One red, construction paper crown was stapled to the fur between his ears, because he was king for just one day.
2) Each of his four white paws was coloured in with a different colour of Mr. Jiffy smelly marker, and he was secretly called "Smartie" until the ink wore off.
3) He was tossed back and forth, playing his part as medicine ball to my and my friend's parts as Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble at the gym.
4) Stiff leg splints were made out newspaper and masking-taped to his front legs, because we were the Swiss Family Robinson and he had injured himself when our boat crashed on the beach.
5) When the parental units weren't around, he was allowed to eat his favoured dill pickle chips, raw meat, and even to chew chewing gum. (Who could resist that last one? A cat who chews gum is a surefire crowd-pleaser).
6) He was stuffed head-first down the sleeve of my father's winter coat until his head barely popped out the end. He was completely immobilized by the constricting sleeve, but he still made a great sand worm a la Dune.
I wonder sometimes if his show of infinite patience was really just resignation and a will to die. Wherever you are, Pepper, I am deeply sorry for my past actions.

This site has advice on everything from wart removal to sending faxes for free to finding your true purpose in life. It is a virtual panacea.

Here is another bit of what I stumbled across today. Canola oil is no great concern of mine, and I don't cook with it anyway, but if you are into knowledge about food, it's pretty interesting.

The shower caps at Mimi A La Mode are to die for!

Canola Oil Facts and Links:
* Canola oil is made from rape seeds and is also known as rapeseed oil.
* I had no idea that there were so many anti-canola-oil campaigners out there! Karinya, Shirley's Wellness Cafe, and Rense all urgently warn us to stop ingesting the poison now. When sceptical, as I tend to be, check it out on Snopes or Urban Legends, and draw your own conclusions.
* Find the nutrient value of canola oil here.
* Canola oil has many industrial uses. It is used as an insecticide, a lubricant, a fuel, and in soap, synthetic rubber, ink, and varnish.
* For a detailed history of canola, the marketing of the oil, its processing, and its possible effects on health, read "The Great Con-ola."
* I just assumed that canola oil was common in North America for much longer than it has been. It wasn't until 1988 that the FDA in the U.S. began to consider allowing the edible oil extracted from rapeseed to be called "canola oil."
* Canola oil has also been known as LEAR oil, which stands for "low erucic acid rapeseed" oil.
* Make your own flavoured canola oil if you dare.

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