Way Too Much Goth And Screwing The Pooch

The Fiery One tells me that my bad poem from my previous entry was really not all that bad. I failed, but I will not succumb easily to this humiliation. Until I share my further attempts, here is some truly nasty specimens of the poetic arts.

And for more goth poetry that you can create, enjoy the Goth-O-Matic Poetry Generator. The Ruby Text Generator creates her own awful poetic gothiness, as well as this random poetry generator, and this one. Hoo boy, there’s a lot of these suckers!

Nominate your favourite bad, dark poem for the Pitiful Goth Poetry Award today!

I don’t know where all that gothiness came from. Years ago, I wore a lot of black and lived in a house filled with vampirey types, but thankfully, I can tell you that I never wrote such awful poetry or crossed my arms on my chest and tilted my head slightly downward in order to make the most out of my black eyeliner.

Today, I woke up approximately fifteen minutes after I was supposed to be at work. It is all Hawksley Workman’s fault. He usually puts on a really good show, and I was not left wanting, but he did not start playing until after eleven thirty, and I’m all old and stuff. My friend and I ended up drinking too many Bohemians (well, not all that many, but too many for a Wednesday night) to try to fill the three-and-a-half hours in between our showing up and the band starting. The opening act, Serena Rider, was damn good. She's not all that present on the web yet, but she's worth remembering. She reminded me of Doris Day at moments, and at others she ventured into the much more polished and sober-sounding Janis Joplin realm. Just a girl and her guitar and a really gutsy voice.

Gothic Subculture Facts and Links:
* All about goths.
* This is an older story, and I don’t know the outcome, but a group in Blue Springs, Missouri was being given a grant last year to “combat goth culture.” What?!
* Goths, the real threat from within?
* Apparently, Jesus himself was a goth.
* The Insta Goth Kit will start you off on the right foot for gettin’ gothy. Check out some of the truly amusing pictures in Poster Child.
* There is actually an official “Bats Day in the Fun Park”, which is an annual gathering of goths in Disneyland in California. The Anaheim Plaza Hotel even offers them “The Bats Day in the Park Fun Rate.”
* How to cut a rug gothic.
* “The Power Goth Girls: Episode 1: Gother Than Thou.” No, seriously.