A Blind Saint, A Possible Career Change, Shoes, A Dating Jesus, A Bad Film, And Dominatrices

Okay, I know that I have brought this up before (September, #12), but the university students who wait at the bus stop outside the Canadian National Institute for the Blind really need to re-evaluate whether they have what it takes to make it to convocation. This happened several days ago, but it is really starting to bug me, and it is also beginning to make me think that the blind guy who gets off the bus at that stop is a saint. The other day, these students did not do their usual side-to-side shuffle, finding themselves unable to figure out how to move out of his path. No, they did not. Instead, they all piled onto the bus without even waiting for him to get off, which is completely rude considering that it is basically the same group of people every morning, and they all know that he has to get off the bus. Like me, maybe they were tired of their embarrassed shuffling and confusion, too, and maybe they decided as a herd to meet this problem head on and without proper reason. Maybe this is why, when the blind man stood up and turned to find the steps down, he bumped into a tall man backed by six or seven other people, who each pushed past him down that narrow bus aisle without so much as an "excuse me". The blind man is a saint, because while these nidgets were filing past him, he chuckled with the bus driver about having to wait.

I cut and dyed my hair, which is what I tend to do during times of stress (i.e. the Fiery One is away for a long period, fall depression, my bunny is a leg-biter, etc.). One of my co-workers told me that the shorter cut made me look sophisticated, while another told me that my haircut made me look like a dominatrix. Both comments were flattering, especially the dominatrix one. It is really quite pleasing to imagine myself looking all dark and demure, and I think riding crops are a far more useful accessory than those little evening bags. This could be a sign pointing to that career change I've been thinking of instigating. I hope the Fiery One doesn't mind late work hours and maybe tripping over ball gags accidentally left lying around. Oh, I'm such a kidder.

And, while I'm being such a kidder, I need these Angelic Flame Fluevogs in a size 8 for Christmas! I am sometimes a 7 1/2, but with a size 8, I would be assured a fit. Burgundy is best for the colour. Oh, ha ha ha. I'm not one for the advertising, but I am a huge fan of this man's shoes!

This is for all you desperate single people out there. Who knew that Jesus was European-American?

Way too much Milk Money. It has nothing to do with me, but it is still funny.

Dominatrix Facts and Links:
* I'm not sure why these are called "dominatrix shoes." I know that, technically, they help a woman "dominate" the rock face, but does that really make the rock face submissive?
* I am so glad that the City of Edinburgh Council is looking out for the public's safety.
* "The Matrix Reloaded" director, Larry Wachowski, left his wife of 15 years following an affair with a dominatrix.
* Safe domination follows strict rules that must be followed.
* If you are interested in dabbling, getting serious, or are just plain curious, pick up a copy of Sex Tips from a Dominatrix by Patricia Payne (apropos last name, I must say).
* I found this bit of text on this site:
Life will be enhanced through john lee love and online dating research through using sun loving couples and valentine one radar detector extensively and every day. Thought that dating transsexuals or interpersonal relationships were good ideas, then try free dating canada for greater results and satisfaction. How would you like to solve you irish dating or free romance ebooks problem, without getting involved with russian orgy and swingers clubs midlands. Learn facts you should know about square dance shoes and defiantly dating agency manchester, without risk. Though of trying swinger club maine or male singlets, our wisdom will shock you.
What in freaking hell does that mean? Whose brain writes like that?
* Go to "Hurt So Good" for all your bondage and S&M products. It is also good for curious kittens.
* These days, everyone and the kitchen sink have been writing memoirs, including Shawna Kenney.
* I have to say that this woman must be very effective at doing her job, because just reading her site has intimidated me.
*Angelina Jolie made her stage debut playing a German dominatrix in "Room Service".
* Mystress Angelique Serpent's essay, "For the Budding Domina", should help you understand some of the truth behind being a submissive.
*It looks like this blog is lapsed, but I was very happy to have come across a dominatrix's blog.